Photo Store: Equipment Loans.

It is
recommended that all students who borrow items from the store have personal insurance that will cover the cost of the item(s) loaned.

1. All loans must be collected and returned on time.

2. All loans must be carried out in person and not on the behalf of others.

3. All Loans will only be authorised by scanning a valid University ID card.

4. All photographic and video equipment will be loaned out for a maximum period of 72hrs.

5. All photographic and video equipment must be loaned out from the corridor hatch and between the times notified.

6. All equipment must be returned in the same condition.

7. It is your responsibility to check all items requested are received before leaving the loans counter. You must notify the technician of anything missing/damaged or any issues. Once you have left the counter you are responsible for its condition.

8. The store will be closed on Wednesday for general loans. All pre booked studio sessions will have access to store based equipment via the studio hatch.

9. Failure to return equipment on time will generate an email message or text message; this should be considered a formal warning and responded to immediately.

10.  If we do not receive a response you will receive further emails that will also be copied to your course tutor.

11. Failure to return an item without a valid explanation will result in a short-term ban from loaning out equipment.

12. Lost, broken, or otherwise non-returned items will result in an invoice being raised for the replacement cost of all items borrowed.

13. All returns must be during store opening times; we will not accept returns out of these times.

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